New series: No Other Name

New series: No Other Name

In the last few months my attention was drawn to the book of Hebrews. As I was studying it, I realized that it’s the most beautiful and detailed description of what Jesus did for us.

“Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings. It is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace” – it says in the last chapter of the book. And this is what Hebrews really does: it strengthens your heart by grace, convincing you that Jesus is better than anything or anyone you would trust and cling to as your source of security.

In the last few weeks we started leading a Hebrews series in our two Bible study groups within my church. I also started teaching it at the new Bible study plant in Kistarcsa, a town which hosted one of Hungary’s most dreaded concentration camps during World War II and the following communist era. You can feel that people badly need to be strengthened by grace here.

Besides the Bible studies next week I’m also beginning a new bi-weekly series on my blog studying the Book of Hebrews chapter by chapter. I’m pretty excited about it, since after blogging for two years in Hungarian, this will be my first series also published in English. Borrowing both the title and the cover photo from Hillsong’s new worship release I titled this series ‘NO OTHER NAME’.

If you’d enjoy exploring the book with me, I kindly invite you to join in this adventure and sign up with your e-mail to receive this bi-weekly series directly in your inbox. You can do so by visiting this link: Also, please think about someone who you could share this with and forward the e-mail to them.

I hope you’ll join me and be strengthened by grace.

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